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Cultural Upcycle Collection Lookbook

Welcome to the Huri Movement! Below you will find featured looks and stories from our Cultural Upcycle Collection. The Journey of Sustainability meets Inclusivity continues!

Milky-Afa Navy Jacket

The Milky-Afa Navy combines the worlds of Kente and crotchet in a momentous 80’s chic design scheme. The lilac-copper flower-like-patterns of the Kente signify the blossoming of one into their “true-self.”


The Fitaa-White is a truly whimsical piece (1 of 1 design). This sweater brings together a world of adventure and sophistication into one noteworthy story...

Tun-Kali Black

“Tun-Kali” is a play on the black colors of the West African traditions with an inviting Western twist. A true ode to the designers of this piece...

Celebrating the voices behind the fabrics

Sustainability is a journey and our aim is to put Inclusion at the forefront of our movement.

Warrior King Blue

The Warrior King Blue signifies the beauty behind becoming your true self. Just as our Homeland found independence, so did this Warrior. 

Verkoo Red Jacket

The Verkoo Red is a jacket (1 of 1 design) that allows You to step into your boldness. The across the back and shoulder designs of Kente tell the story of carrying your blessings and accepting your past trials. 

Sika-Gold Jacket

The Kente-lined hood is an ode to wearing ‘your crown’ and stepping into the richness that is YOU...

Ankaa-Orange Jacket

The Ankaa-Orange Jacket is a piece (1 of 1) designed for the optimist with a creative flair. As the name suggests, this piece radiates warmth and joy.

"If not now....Then when."

That's a wrap on our first collection! Join our newsletter for details on the next collection release. COMING SOON.