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Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion

Planet conscious designs with a cultural edge.

Embrace the Movement

For those who welcome individuality, authenticity and community, this is for you.

"If not now....Then when?"

Our exclusive cultural upcycle collection allows us to tackle the global excess fabrics problem + amplify the voices & stories behind the fabrics.

let's go


Love the story behind the Brand! Feels good to support people all around the world while wearing something that looks this good. I also bought the Maroon Fresh Prince and it's equally nice.

I bought this hat and the blue one for me and my best friend (she loved it). The quality is really good and the colors are beautiful! & I really appreciated the hand written note from the Huri team.

Their new collection blends the worlds of Blackness and Sustainability so effortlessly! I finally feel included and I'm excited to be apart of this journey .