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Our Story

"Creating a space for BIPOC in Sustainability has been the driving factor behind our movement. Huri is a movement that welcomes us to jump into our individuality, celebrate our differences, and do this responsibly through sustainable fashion.”

Our Story


Huri is a Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion brand that supports elements of empowerment and sustainability through a cultural perspective. Our definition of ‘empowerment’ is rooted in celebrating our individuality and appreciation of those around us. Within sustainability, we noticed a lack of representation, active inclusion and leadership from BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Overall, our aim is to bring the great work that marginalized communities do within the Sustainability sector into thespotlight.

Our Story

Our Impact

Our values have always been centered around our founding pillars; to Empower, Enrich & Elevate.

To EmpowerCreate space for diversity within sustainability through means of addressing any gaps and highlighting the accomplishments of our communities.

To EnrichRather than continuing to take, we choose to relieve the existing burden on our Earth by changing the way we work with fashion.

To ElevateUsing fashion as a source for good by elevating the voices behind our brand, clothing, and every step of the process.  

Our Story

Sustainability meets Inclusivity

Ultimately, you can rest assure that your purchases are not only going towards empowering communities in Ghana but also contributing towards supporting local and green initiatives here in Toronto, Canada. Join us in creating a more sustainable and inclusive planet!

"If not now....Then when?"