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"Creating a space for BIPOC in Sustainability has been the driving factor behind our movement. Huri is a movement that welcomes us to jump into our individuality, celebrate our differences, and do this responsibly through sustainable fashion. ”


Huri is a Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion brand that supports elements of empowerment and sustainability through a cultural perspective. Our definition of ‘empowerment’ is rooted in celebrating our individuality and appreciation of those around us. Within sustainability, we noticed a lack of representation, active inclusion and leadership from BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Overall, our aim is to bring the great work that marginalized communities do within the Sustainability sector into the spotlight.

Why Fashion?

 First of all, welcome to Huri Movement, my name is George. Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, I remember being exposed to so many colors and fabrics- my mother would always buy me traditional clothing that was always one size too big (“You’ll grow into it,”- Mama). We made the most of every piece of clothing and only bought what we needed. I knew who designed my clothes as well as the importance of the symbols and colors behind every piece, thanks to her. I deeply appreciated the intention and energy that went into every design (and still do).      

Fast forward a couple of years later, I found myself in Toronto, Canada. New environment, different obstacles. I continued to carry my love and sentiment for fashion but this time, I was old enough to recognize the ‘ugly side’ of the relationship. From landfills of fabric waste, to designs that rarely featured the stories and voices behind the fabrics (who really made my clothes?).

  • The average Canadian throws away 81 pounds of clothing each year
  • North Americans account for 10 million tons of clothing sent to landfills every year
  • Worldwide 87% of unused fabric ends up in landfills or incinerated
  • Textile dyeing and treatment contribute 17-20% of total industrial water pollution 

Our Impact

Our values have always been centered around our founding pillars; to Empower, Enrich & Elevate.

  • To Empower- Create space for diversity within sustainability through means of addressing any gaps and highlighting the accomplishments of our communities.
  • To Enrich- Rather than continuing to take, we choose to relieve the existing burden on our Earth by changing the way we work with fashion.
  • To Elevate- Using fashion as a source for good by elevating the voices behind our brand, clothing, and every step of the process.  

Our Sustainability Approach

Of the 10 million tons of clothing sent to landfills each year, 95% of that could have been recycled or repurposed (Waste Reduction Week in Canada,2020).

That is where brands like ours, Huri Movement, come into play. So how do we do this?

  • Only gently used clothing already in circulation are used in our fashion designs
  • Our packaging is multipurpose, 100% recyclable, cuts down on plastic used as well as extra packaging in the shipping process
  • The Kente fabric designs used in our repurposing of clothing is created using plant based dyes and supports local communities in Ghana, West Africa

Community Engagement

“Sustainability is not really sustainable if it is not done ethically.”

       At Huri, we did not want to be apart of a sustainable movement if it was not also beneficial to workers and communities that are too often overlooked. For this reason, we have partnered with local artisans in Ghana, West Africa, to produce the Kente designs in our clothing and accessories. This partnership provides a livelihood and fair wages for these community members.

       Our base here in Toronto has not been overlooked for opportunities to close the gaps for marginalized communities. Each year we partner with local initiatives that add value to the community. Most recently we have partnered with the Sketch Organization for marginalized youth. Every purchase you make not only goes towards uplifting the lives of artisans in Ghana, but also to supporting the voices and creativity of youth most in need.


Ultimately, you can rest assure that your purchases are not only go towards empowering communities in Ghana but also contributing towards supporting local and green initiatives here in Toronto, Canada.